Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Live Librarians!

This week I visited Wiley Park Public School as a Role Model for the Books In Homes Project. The Project's aim is to improve literacy by providing disadvantaged children with books they can take home to share with their families - and I'm honoured to play a small part.

I sat in the comfy rocking chair usually reserved for lovely Librarian, Gillian Maugle, and spoke to 70 very eager Year 2 children. What struck me most about these kids was that they already had a love of books...and I have no doubt that their Librarian had at least a little to do with that. The experience verified something I already knew. Schools need Librarians - as much as they need Libraries. Because a Library without one is like a deep, dark cave. It takes a Librarian to shed light on the gems hidden within its walls.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

More good news for Arnie!

Arnie Avery has been shortlisted for Speech Pathology Australia's - Book of the Year Awards.

Each year, Speech Pathology Australia awards three Australian authors the “Best Book for Language and Literacy Development” in the categories – Young Children, Lower Primary and Upper Primary. Each award is based on the book’s appeal to children, interactive quality and ability to assist speech pathologists and parents in communication and literacy development.