Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arnie Avery is a Winner!

I am thrilled to announce that Arnie Avery is the WINNER of the 2011 Children’s Peace Literature Award.

The Biennial award is presented by the Psychologists for Peace, a special interest group of the Australian Psychological Society, and is awarded to a children’s book which encourages the non-violent resolution of conflict or promotes peace at a global, local or interpersonal level.

Last week I flew to Adelaide to receive the Award at a ceremony held at Parafield Gardens Primary School - a Save the Children, United Nations Global Peace School. The Year 6 children performed their soon to be recorded original songs about peace and what it means to them. It was a wonderful event - surrounded by wonderful ambassadors for peace. I was humbled and honoured to win such an important award.

Here I am with Kate Prescott, Convenor Judging Panel, Psychologists for Peace (South Australia).