Sunday, March 27, 2011

Books In Homes

Today I was honoured to be invited to speak at Willmot Primary School, as a Role Model for the Books In Homes Project. Every student was presented with three new books at a book-giving ceremony (with thanks to sponsorship from a local club). It is hoped the new books will encourage reading and literacy. The day bought back memories of my very first new book. I was in Year 4 at school and the teacher handed out a Book Club brochure. You could choose any book and it would be delivered to school. Was I excited? You bet I was excited! I begged my parents to buy me a book…believe took a while to talk them around, but eventually they said yes. So I finally chose a book called The Shark in Charlie's Window, and I chose it because of the flying shark on the cover. When the teacher handed out all the new books - there was the flying shark, just like in the catalogue, all shiny and new. I'd never been so excited about a book in my life, and I read every single word. I'm sure that book turned me into a reader...and I hope that some of the students at Willmot are turned into readers after their experience today.

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Walter Mason said...

OMG Sue - I had almost the exact same experience! I too ordered mine from the school bookclub. I read it over and over again until it fell apart. I must rea it again!