Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marvelous Magazines

The first thing I ever had published was a non-fiction piece in a magazine. I still remember when the editor phoned me - I was cooking sausages on the barbeque and was so stunned I could barely utter a sensible word. Now, as well as writing books, I still contribute regularly to several children's magazines. You can find some of my recent stories and articles in Comet, Blast Off, and Touchdown Magazines, and also The School Journal (New Zealand).
  • Camels in the Outback, The School Magazine, Blast Off, Australia (Issue 2/11)
  • You Light Up My Life, Comet Magazine, Pearson Education, Australia (Issue 1/11)
  • Earth Hour, Comet Magazine, Pearson Education, Australia (Issue 1/11)
  • Nora (short story) The School Magazine, Touchdown, Australia, Issue 1/1
  • Old Sandshoe (short story) School Journal, New Zealand, Part 1/1

I was honoured to have my short story Nora illustrated by the very talented Kim Gamble - illustrator of the Tashi series.

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